35th anniversary of its foundation

07 May 2022

Borso del Grappa, May 7, 2022 - Carlo and Francesco Bernardi, founders of Chrysos, celebrated this landmark anniversary together with their family of over 200 employees, associates, and friends.

A passion exemplified through the efforts and daily sacrifices made by all has allowed for the uninterrupted growth of the company, even through these challenging times brought about by the pandemic. As Francesco
Bernardi the President expressed: “We are like a large and tenacious chain that increases its value through teamwork, where the strength of each of us represents an important link for the solidity of the Group. We are here today celebrating the past, with a spirit rooted in the present, exploring new horizons of technological progress with the same curiosity and tenacity as 35 years ago. Thanks to all, and thanks to Chrysos."

35th anniversary of its foundation
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