Ethical Silver and Gold (RJC)

01 January 2021

Italian goldsmith company Chrysos Spa, leader in the international production of gold and silver chains and diamond cut beads, proudly announces the reception of the first RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) certification in the world for ethical silver and gold.

After previously receiving the RJC certification for gold on June 20th 2019, Chrysos Spa has now received an additional certification, this time for ethical silver. The international accomplishment represents an unprecedented milestone for the company that has strived to maintain high standards of responsible behavior since its inception in 1987.

Founders and owners Carlo and Francesco Bernardi have actively involved workers and suppliers since the beginnings, in the diligent effort to adhere to the ethical principles of respect and sustainability.

Through RJC certifications, companies have the opportunity to increase their organization’s reputation and gain confidence from their consumers. By conforming to a set of ethical standards operating with respect to human rights, companies can help protecting the environment and adhering to proper managerial practices.

Ethical Silver and Gold (RJC)
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