Sustainable Water Management

28 June 2021

With its ongoing commitment to sustainability, Chrysos S.p.A. announced today another step forward in its process of transitioning to a ZERO Impact reality.

Since the beginning of 2020, the entire production system has adopted the implementation of low energy consumption vacuum evaporation technology systems, thus enabling the recovery of all process waters and their subsequent reuse. An innovative and valuable plan that generates a significant reduction in the consumption of natural resources like drinking water and reduces environmental pollution from waste water. 

This change came about in response to the UNI ISO 14001 certification process, but even more importantly, as an act of Chrysos’s dedicated commitment to sustainability. As the president of the company Francesco Bernardi states - “We believe it is our duty to preserve the precious environment which has allowed, still allows, and will continue to allow us to grow”.

We are currently engaged in augmenting the production of electricity through photovoltaic systems as well as channeling the energies of the R&D sector towards the implementation of green economy technologies. In this way, Chrysos can ultimately transform itself into a ZERO Impact organization.

Sustainable Water Management
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