Chrysos | Silver chains

Silver chains

Classic chains, Fashion chains, Super light chains, Fancy and Tailor-made

With a collection of more than 4000 models, Chrysos offers a wide range of products in various designs, dimensions and finishes. Our chain line includes: classic, lightweight, pendant, novelty styles & fashion.

Pagina Prodotto_A2_Silver_800x800
Pagina Prodotto_A3_535X532_1
Pagina Prodotto_A3_535X532_2
Pagina Prodotto_A3_535X532_3
Pagina Prodotto_A3_535X532_4
Pagina Prodotto_A3_535X532_5
Pagina Prodotto_A3_535X532_6
Pagina Prodotto_A3_535X532_7

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